Administrative law

There are times where the general public are so aggrieved by decisions made by government and other public bodies that a remedy must be sought to address their grievances.


Government decisions which may be open to challenge can include for instance, a decision to cancel a visa, a decision not to grant or approve an application made, a decision to impose a building order or a decision that is reached in a way that is manifestly unreasonable or unfair.

At Rigby & Bear, we have particular expertise and knowledge in assisting and advising private individuals and companies in relation to challenging government decisions, whether they be at a local government level or state level in Victoria, or federally. 


Our assistance in this area includes but is not limited to:

  • advising you on whether a certain government decision can be challenged, and the basis for doing so;

  • instituting judicial review proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria or in the federal courts and tribunals

  • instituting merits review proceedings in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

  • seeking further information from government bodies in relation to the decision(s) made, including under Freedom of Information legislation;

  • advising you on what further steps you can take to address your grievances, both legally and practically

  • making submissions on your behalf to the Victorian or Commonwealth Ombudsman