Civil litigation and dispute resolution

Although Rigby & Bear can assist in resolving a dispute through informal means such as through mediations or round table conferences, sometimes court action is necessary. You or your business may have a need to act on a precedent previously established by a court. It may also need to enforce an action or require a binding court order to achieve the desired outcome. And occasionally, a dispute can become so complex – that litigation is the only option left (whichever area of law is concerned).

At Rigby & Bear, we can assist you by advising you on your position, what your options are at informally resolving the dispute and if this is not successful, what options you have and your likely prospects of success if the matter proceeds to court.

We can assist in resolving a wide range of disputes, including but not limited to:

  • breaches of contractual agreements;

  • disputes arising from failures to comply with the relevant laws or the appropriate decision making process;

  • personal or commercial disputes

  • tortious claims (e.g. defamation)

  • disputes relating to the administration of trusts

  • debt recovery